Feminized Cannabis Seeds Grandma's Glue

Brand: SoFem Genetics
Breeder: Martin Wuest
Plant Type: Photoperiod
Strain: Hybrid
Feminized: Yes

Grandma's Glue is a high yielding and colorful cross of Nana's Fix from Pollen Nation and Hot Glue from Omega Alpha Genetics. Most phenotypes will smell like citrus. Some will be stronger, closer to lemon cleaner cleaner. Most plants will fade to purple with cooler night temps. Her branches will pack on weight as bud sites grow fairly close together and the branches aren't strong eneough to support the weight if you feed heavy. ScrOG or ties and stakes are recommended to help train her and hold up the branches.

Flowering Time: 9 weeks

3 Seeds

Package Options:

3 Seeds


30 Seeds


100 Seeds


500 Seeds



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