About Us

I began this journey with the creation CannaFamSeeds, a compassion-based genetics collective that uses the proceeds from sales to cover treatments for veterans and low-income families and individuals across the country negatively affected by Prohibition. We founded The Unofficial Good Guys in 2016 as a means to provide for our own family and to connect all of you to top-shelf gear at a fair price from gifted breeders and preservationists.

Honesty and experience are very important in this business and I have always been very turned off by the dishonesty within the industry and the exploitation of hard working folks by people who are willing to step on artists to make quick money. We as breeders work hard for what we have and so do our customers. Yet, I have discovered over the years that there are many companies in this industry that will take payments and then not ship the orders, or make claims that they cannot back up, which makes many of us hesitant to order from other companies the future that. Our goal is to build your trust and to provide a safe place to find a wide variety of genetics at a fair price.

Martin Wuest